Kumar Vaibhav

Software Developer/Researcher


Offering 8+ years of product development experience as Senior Software Engineer in the areas of Healthcare and Capital Markets, with technology experience varying from .Net to Big Data stack. Also worked in the capacity of a Data Scientist while at R&D department of my present company.


  • C#, Java
  • Sql Server, Postgres
  • HTML5, JavaScript
  • S#, JQuery
  • Apache Spark
  • AWS, Hadoop
  • Scala, ML
  • Pig, Sqoop
  • NLP, Statistics
  • SVN, Hg, Git
  • MSBuild, Jenkins
  • Entity Framework


The Advisory Board, Austin(TX)

Senior Software Engineer (Big Data)

Nov 2016 - Present

Creation and automated deployment of Hive based datalake schema; Spark based tools for model wise de-duplication; development of manifest based Adhoc framework for any input(to Datalake), any outfrom(from datalake); JDBC based tools for interfacing with SqlServer and Postgres, among other projects.

The Advisory Board, Chennai

Lead Engineer(R&D, Xede)

Dec 2014 - Oct 2016

Lead the Java based data acquisition team called Xede. Student Graduation Prediction using GBM, Person Matching algorithms using US credit card data, etc.

The Advisory Board, Chennai

Senior Software Engineer(R&D)

March 2012 - Dec 2014

Developed PerformanceLabs framework, introduced the firm to EF, Jenkins and Hadoop ecosystem, built text matching algorithms, Spell Correction algorithm for medical text, among other projects.

Indus Valley Partners, Noida

Software Engineer

Sept 2009 - March 2012

Development of PriceMaster from scratch, graph based silverlight dashboard, Scalar and Vector Pricing Models, real time Mark to Market Panels, cross browser compatibility for Polaris, etc.


H1B Visa in it's second year

Australian Permanent Residency Valid till 2022

US B1 Visa Valid till 2022


Text Summarization System — AI project in Natural Language Processing to be published soon.


Twice awarded while at R&D, Advisory Board in appreciation for work done.

"Best in Technical Innovation" Special Category award for B.Tech (CSE) batch 2005-2009

"Morpheus Clustering Mera Search Engine" — Conceptual Clustering of search results. AI/Web Mining project.

"PeformanceLabs" — – Wrapper over MVC MiniProfiler with reporting capabilities all embedded in a dll.

"SLexer" — Hand coded Lexical Analyser in ANSI\ISO C

Member of IIT-Roorkee and IIT-Kgp interview panel, while in India.

"www.panghal.com" — Home page linking to a simple html5 learning exercise with a canvas drawing app to show off and audio\video, geolocation components.

Blogs — http://techblog.panghal.com, http://blog.panghal.com


Amity University - Noida, India

B.Tech (Computer Science & Engineering) — 8.0 GPA

2005 - 2009

St. Mary's Academy - Meerut, India

ICSE (Ⅹ) and ISC (Ⅻ) — 80 percent

2002 and 2004

Kumar Vaibhav — vaibhavpanghal@gmail.com — +1-737-202-6199